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New Blog Is Up and Running!

Dec. 27, 2017, 5:57 p.m. by methompson

My blog is finally up and running! Part of my personal growth has been to learn new computing technologies and learn how to use them effectively and properly. My most recent project has been to learn several different web-based technologies and develop this blog that I'm using now.

For this project, I learned how to use the Django web framework. Django is based around the Python programming language. I picked up Python several years ago, but only lately have I really started to adore the language. It has a robust standard library, an enormous ecosystem of packages and libraries and it's dead simple to jump into the fray and whip something together that does EXACTLY what you need it to do.

Alongside Django, I also learned to use a new HTML framework, bootstrap, I started to learn how to use Git in order to pack my project up and make it easier to synchronize between my development system (i.e. my laptop) and my production server. Adding to that, I began to learn a bit more about JQuery and how to use it to save time over "vanilla" JavaScript.

More to that, I've had to learn some new back-end technologies. For the longest time, I used a single Apache web server to host my HTML and PHP files. However, virtualization has become easier to set up and support. My current server is a QEMU/KVM hypervisor on Ubuntu Server. I started learning about Nginx and recently set up a reverse proxy to help me distribute my websites among different web server technologies. I use Nginx/Gunicorn to serve my Django project for this website, plus a virtual instance of Apache to serve my other, simpler web sites. However, when I start diving a bit deeper into Angular or other JS frameworks, I'll likely need to set up a Node.js server.

In the near future, I will write a few more features into the blog, plus I'll need to comb through the code to fix bugs and write some unit tests, but in terms of functionality, this blog is about 95% done. I won't fixate too hard on continuing to develop this blog, because I need to move on to other projects to expand my knowledge and resume.

My next endeavor is to develop a personal business/freelance website. For far too long, my website has been junk. I have a bit more motivation at the moment, because I really want to make the jump to a new career or, at the very least, I want look competent enough to be hired.

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